Welcome to Avis Counselling.

Located in Victoria’s Oak Bay neighbourhood, Triana Avis-Davies, M.A., is a Registered Clinical Counsellor providing counselling services for adult individuals and couples.

Areas of specialization include:

I love helping people find the answers they’re seeking!
My counselling style is gentle, informal and highly intuitive. Clients describe me as warm, welcoming, and easy to talk to. People tell me that I have a special ability to get to the root of the problem quickly so that the core issues can be addressed and resolved. I offer both short term solution-focused counselling and long term transformational therapy.
Client comments:
          “She has an amazing way of getting to the root of my issues, and it is an incredible experience to see and feel everything unfolding…”
           “Because I went to Triana, I’m now able to efficiently control my anxiety and am in the healthiest relationship of my life!”
I am a natural empath, so I am very sensitive to the comfort of my clients. I value being down-to-earth, collaborative, and straightforward in a gentle manner. Many of my clients are highly sensitive people, and my own sensitivity enables me to help them feel safe and comfortable.

Appointments are available weekdays, evenings, and Saturdays.  Phone 250-589-8090 to schedule your appointment.

Like dogs? My co-counsellor, Aurie, brings her loving and gentle presence to my office.