Client Testimonials

Client testimonial from R.G., Victoria, BC:

“After struggling with the idea of counselling for a while, I decided to find help.  I found Triana’s website and was instantly comforted by her professionalism and list of experience.  I was having problems with anxiety from a past relationship that left me unable to start a healthy relationship.  Triana was extremely understanding and non-judgemental – a worry I had struggled with regarding other counsellors.  Triana was able to determine my problems and talk me through them comfortably and at my own pace.  She was able to give great advice and I felt like I could really take it, as she spoke from experience with the same problems I was going through.  She was also very open to giving out suggestions for books that would help my situation.  Because I went to Triana, I’m now able to efficiently control my anxiety and am in the healthiest relationship of my life!”

Client testimonial from L:

“I feel so grateful to have found Triana.  She is such a compassionate and wise person, who gently guides me through my struggles, leaving me with a deep sense of relief and understanding at the end of each session.  She uses many styles of therapy to give me exactly what I need each time.  I always feel excited to see what we will do next!  She has an amazing way of getting to the root of my issues, and it is quite an incredible experience to see and feel everything unfolding inside and around me, as she confidently shows me a safe and constructive atmosphere to be vulnerable in.  Because I am a full-time student and single mom with two kids, I do not have much extra time in my week, so she has accommodated me by doing our sessions on the phone. It is perfect for me and my situation!  I am finding more clarity and peace in my life every day, which helps me in all areas of my life.”  -L.

Client testimonial from Linda:

“I have a history of depression in my family and have had to deal with some tragic times as we all do.  Over the last few years, I felt I had overcome depression but a series of triggers took me down into a tunnel and I felt I was never going to get out this time.  I finally realized, I have to!  I have a son and a great life and wanted it back again.  I realized I had to invest in myself for a change and it was important to me to meet someone that was right for me and someone who has experienced depression.  As you know it is impossible for anyone to understand how it feels unless they have experienced it themselves.  Triana welcomed me with her warm smile and I knew very quickly that she would get me on track again.  Within her comfortable surroundings, I felt safe to just open up and she has given me many great ideas on how to take care of myself.  One of the books she recommended is The Mindful Way Through Depression.  I highly recommend it.  It is comforting knowing her and that when challenging times occur, it’s nice to know I have someone that will be there to help me through.
Thank you Triana!”  -Linda

Client testimonial from K:

“If anyone out there needs to talk to someone to help get them though a rough patch, as I did, I highly recommend Triana. For me it was a case of having a hard time getting past, and over an ex girlfriend, mainly the way it ended, and the way it left me feeling. Normally I can deal with pretty much anything life throws at me, but not this time, this one really kicked me on my ass, and I just couldn’t figure things out on my own. I couldn’t believe how down I got, and how it affected everything in my life at the time! I’m not one to ever ask for advice or help from anyone, but I’m glad I did, and I’m glad I asked Triana. It didn’t take long for her to get me to see things a little differently, and to open up and talk, which I don’t really like doing, but she makes it easy. Not only did she help me at her office, but she recommended a couple of books for me to pick up and read, which have and will help me with all relationships to come. Thanks for the much needed help Triana.”  -K.

Client testimonial from S:

“After only a few hours working with Triana she has helped me immensely.  She listened to what I had to say and was able to get to the root of my problems and offer actionable advice to overcome what I was feeling.”  -S.