Self-awareness and the Mini Blog

If there’s one thing I’m a fan of, it is self-awareness.  Awareness is the first step toward any positive change.  Self-awareness isn’t always easy, and we often don’t like what we see when the awareness sheds light on it.  But knowing that something needs to change is essential before the change can occur.

My own self-awareness has shown me that I need to change something regarding my blogs on this site.  I have realized that my tendencies toward perfectionism stop me from sharing my thoughts as often as I would like.  I procrastinate writing blog entries because I am waiting for a time when it feels that I can do a perfect, thorough job.  This needs to change.  So…I am now introducing the mini blog.  I will write more often, even when the thought I’d like to share is only a sentence or two.  A morsel is better than nothing at all while hungrily awaiting a proper word-meal.

I often have thoughts to share here that invite discussion.  Questions I can post that provoke thoughtful response.  Please feel free to comment, discuss, and share your own thoughts.  What is your recent self-awareness telling you?  What needs to change?

One response to “Self-awareness and the Mini Blog

  1. I agree Triana, as I was considering the same about my own website (brand new), can I really just blog my thoughts? But I think you/I can… it is more real and often easier to connect with when it is not too polished

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