First, Do No Harm

Many of us are familiar with a phrase from the Hippocratic Oath that doctors are expected to abide by, which translates to: “First, do no harm.”  We expect our doctors to prioritize the avoidance of harm, yet we often harm ourselves.  We forget to apply this wisdom to ourselves in spite of the fact that it has been honoured by physicians for 2500 years.  We all struggle with temptations to participate in behaviours that harm us.  This can involve something as simple as choosing unhealthy foods, or as complicated as multiple substance addictions or frequent high-risk behaviours.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t occasionally give in to the temptation to consume something unhealthy, something that harms.  We are faced with a multitude of choices every single day, and nobody makes good choices 100 percent of the time.  But perhaps if we remember the time-honoured wisdom “First, do no harm then we will make healthy choices more often.

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