Learn to Let Love Protect You

Worldwide, a current shift in awareness is moving people in a more consciously loving direction.  We are being encouraged to conduct our daily interactions from a love-based perspective instead of a fear-based perspective.  Some people say that everything can be seen as falling along a spectrum somewhere between pure love and pure fear, with an infinite number of increments in between.

The challenge comes when our love-based actions are not met with similar love-based responses from others.  In most cases, this is because the other person is acting from deeply ingrained patterns of fear, which may manifest as jealousy, greed, manipulation, or even hatred.  Unfortunately, the person who responds in such a way may seek to “take advantage” of you when you come from a love-based perspective.  To clarify, I think of love-based perspectives as kindness, generosity, acceptance, and good intentions.  Because not all people are ready to embrace a love-based perspective, we still need to protect ourselves from the fear-based actions of others.

It is an interesting time in the evolving collective consciousness of humanity.  Awareness seems to be rising exponentially.  Those of us who have learned to trust in a love-based perspective must still function in a world where others have not quite caught up yet.  Perhaps the best way to protect yourself from the fear-based actions of others is to let go of attachment to interactions with those people, whenever possible, and to remember that love and respect for yourself sometimes must take precedence.  Give yourself the gift of freedom from thoughts that drag you down to another person’s level.  When you catch yourself wishing pain upon someone who has caused you pain, notice the thought, understand that it is your natural instinct for self-preservation that created the thought, then let it go.  Shift your thinking toward positive interactions with positive people who share your love-based perspective.  Love, in its essence, is just pure positive energy.  It is an incredibly powerful force, which is why people are often uncomfortable receiving it, or even talking about it.  Learn to trust in it, and it will protect you.

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