Are you thriving, or just surviving?

A friend and I were talking yesterday about the concept of thriving versus surviving.  She said, “you can’t thrive when you are focused on surviving.”  I thought for a moment and replied, “no, because they are different energies.”  The energy of survival is fear-based, while the energy of thriving is based in trust or faith that your basic needs will be taken care of.  We all have times in our lives when survival is the dominant focus.  We are hard-wired to have natural fears that allow us to continue as a species.  But when the fear that we are not going to have our basic survival needs met stays around too long, we can get stuck in a fear-based mindset that really does block us from thriving.  In order to thrive, we must be receptive to all the many positive things that might come our way.  When we are locked in fear, we often cannot recognize or receive those positive things.  Or they don’t come our way at all, because our negative energy is blocking them.

See if you can trust that your basic needs will be met, and move into a more open, receptive, trust-based mindset.  Then watch for good things to come your way, to allow you to begin to THRIVE.  If you try it and it works for you, tell me your story in the comments section.

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