How to make a wish come true

Supposedly tonight is a rare, special night for meteor showers.  Some spectacular number of meteors are apparently going to be visible whizzing through the night sky.  I haven’t done my fact-checking on this, as the scientific details are not what’s important to me at this moment.  What’s important to me is the long-held notion that we can “wish upon a falling star” and our wishes will come true.  Whatever you call it, a meteor, shooting star, falling star…humans have long been fascinated with this wonder of nature and have imbued the phenomenon with magical abilities.  Here’s the really important part:  If you saw a shooting star tonight, what would you wish for?  More importantly, what are you doing in your daily life to make that wish come true? Most wishes come true through persistence and perseverance.  Consistent daily efforts that propel you in the direction of your desires are the key.  What are you doing, on a daily basis, to make your wish come true?

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